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Protests against Gorsuch nomination are ‘fake news’ funded by ‘Soros money’

Protestors were on standby and ready to go when Donald Trump announced that Judge Neil Gorsuch was his nominee to fill a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it’s not Gorsuch that they oppose; they were there to protest any name that came out of Trump’s mouth. Protesters are being paid to oppose anything and everything that Donald Trump does. Globalist George Soros continues to spread his wealth to groups, movements, and organizations to fight on his behalf, and the media are complicit by highlighting all the fake Trump opposition in America. (RELATED: Find more rioting news at

There’s actually no better pick, period, for U.S. Supreme Court Justice than Neil Gorsuch. He’s a believer of both the U.S. Constitution and religious freedom. The Senate shouldn’t have any issues confirming Gorsuch; he was properly vetted ten years ago prior to serving on the Court of Appeals. Gorsuch has kept his slate clean since last being vetted, in hopes this opportunity would one day present itself.

Some Democrats are miraculously trying to challenge Trump’s pick. They are claiming that Gorsuch isn’t a legitimate nominee because they think he is stealing a seat that belongs to Merrick Garland, who former President Barack Obama designated to be Antonin Scalia’s successor. Democrat claims challenging the legitimacy of the seat are likely to prove insignificant.

News reporting the protests against Trump’s nominee is fake because the protests were staged. Paid protesters are receiving $15 hourly to fake their displeasure over the U.S. Supreme Court seat. Much of the signage displayed by the acting protesters was professionally printed and ready to go prior to the announcement. Don’t believe that everyday Americans are actually riled up over this.

We can expect to see Judge Neil Gorsuch serve as U.S. Supreme Court Justice for many years; perhaps decades. He will restore the conservative majority of the court and aid rulings to properly shape many of the issues that have been dividing our nation. Donald Trump made good on his campaign promises with this nomination, as he appears to be making good on many of his campaign promises. The border wall construction should be complete in 2 years, Obamacare repeals are underway, and Trump’s immigration move is currently pending appeals. (RELATED: Find more Donald Trump news at

The mainstream media are bashing Trump at the direction of their bosses, same as the Soros-funded protesters. When was the last time you witnessed a President work this hard this fast to make good on their campaign promises? Trump is doing a terrific job and Neil Gorsuch will be a spectacular U.S. Supreme Court Justice, despite what you may be hearing from opposition-funded interests.


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