The failing BRAIN HEALTH of Leftists: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi all appear to be senile or suffering some form of dementia

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal icon, did not seem exactly at the top of her game during a recent event in New York City.

Ginsburg, 84, a Bill Clinton nominee, has been a member of the high court since August 1993.

Although the fawning interviewer from the fake news network, CNN, as well as the far-left Columbia University audience, were hanging on the justice’s every word, many observers found the process rather disconcerting.

From The Daily Wire.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave an embarrassing interview with CNN that drew widespread criticism over social media as she appeared to have difficulty answering questions in a crisp manner.

Ginsburg is a cancer survivor and has undergone heart surgery, but has no plans to step down from the court. As Americans, regardless of ideology, we all wish her well. Separately, rumors persist that Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, a conservative who has a tendency to trend liberal on certain legal issues, may retire, which will likely cause Democrats to go insane.

Parenthetically, CNN’s Poppy Harlow appeared very concerned about so-called threats to a free press from the highest levels of government, forgetting perhaps that the Obama administration spied on and prosecuted reporters and whistleblowers. CNN  is a 24-7 anti-Trump outlet, but is very thin-skinned when criticism is directed in its direction, which is particularly relevant given the network’s history of promulgating fake news. Memo to CNN: The First Amendment is a two-way street.

On the subject of health issues, you may recall that a politicized psychiatric association last year gave its members a green light to publicly speculate about the mental health of President Trump in violation of longstanding ethics rules. In January, the hostile media, which is unwilling to get help with its own advanced stages of Trump derangement syndrome, hysterically cross-examined White House physician Ronny Jackson for about an hour about the POTUS annual physical. Jackson pronounced the president in excellent health. Trump obviously could stand to go an exercise and nutrition program to slim down, however. That said, his energy level is unquestioned. (Related: Read more about liberal bias in the media at

Contrast this with the media’s dismissal of any questions about Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 presidential campaign as mere conspiracy theories, at least until she collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony in lower Manhattan. Her doctor subsequently claimed that the fainting spell was prompted by pneumonia. The media probably would have covered that up too, but was thwarted when an ordinary citizen posted the footage on Twitter.

Clinton also has a history of lapsing into uncontrollable coughing fits, most recently during a speech via live stream from New York to a Los Angeles feminist conference that was an offshoot of the #MeToo movement. The former U.S. secretary of state also suffered a concussion in December 2012 and takes prescription meds for an underactive thyroid and blood clots.

You’ll recall that media outlets bitterly scolded any physician who raised questions or expressed opinions about Hillary Clinton’s health during the campaign, insisting they were overstepping ethical boundaries with a remote diagnosis. TV Doctor Drew Pinsky abruptly lost his gig on CNN sister station HLN after he spoke out on the subject.

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the strident Trump foe and would-be Speaker if the Democrats win in November, has a history of erratic and fragmented remarks and confusing President Bush and President Trump. There has been little, if any, discussion of Nancy Pelosi’s health status in the media, however.

Last year, Natural News suggested that Ginsburg and Pelosi are examples of why the U.S. should implement term limits on elected officials and judicial appointees.

As an aside, talk show host Michael Savage, who earned a Ph.D. in nutritional ethnomedicine, has famously classified liberalism as a mental disorder.

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